Hello, my name is Reese Stecher and I am the captain of the Beach Bum & Yeller Feller.  My background in fishing is for Largemouth Bass.  My old man taught me the tricks of the trade on how to catch them and I refuse to let go of some of those tactics.  I switched over to fishing brackish and saltwater in 1994 and I fish for these species as I did for Largemouth Bass.  No Broomstick Fishing  Rods that you find on some boats when fishing saltwater.  WE USE THE LIGHTEST TOP OF THE LINE TACKLE WE CAN GET AWAY WITH DEPENDING ON WHAT WE ARE FISHING FOR.  This will make your fish catching experience a whole lot more enjoyable when you hook into the larger saltwater species and have to reel them in on the lighter equipment. There is no greater experience than hooking and reeling in a fish that is too large for the tackle you are using.  This is something we do every day.  We do not troll(drag lines behind the boat) unless we absolutely have to.  You will cast jigs or you will fish with live bait.  Either way, you will experience the bite of a hungry predator and catch your own fish with supplied top of the line equipment.  If you have never fished this way, do not worry. We will have you catching fish in no time.

We will fish out of a 22 foot center console extra wide boat(BEACH BUM(PHOTO)) or a 22 foot center console extra wide boat(YELLER FELLER(PHOTO)).  The vessels are stripped down of all the unnecessary compartments that take away from fishing space.  The new and improved YELLER FELLER BOAT is finished!  Transom(PHOTO) is filled in(no more wet feet).  Boat looks great(PHOTO).  Rear seats/compartments cut in half just like in BEACH BUM boat, so there is lots more fishing room now(PHOTO).  Special thanks to Johnson Boats(filling in transom & cutting back seats), Porta Products(makers of the Porta-Bracket), & Jennings Outboards(putting everything back together)!  The Yeller Feller is equipped with a 175 horsepower Evinrude outboard motor and The Beach Bum with a 225 horsepower Yamaha.  There is a front casting deck on both boats that allows an elevated view of the water and fish.  The Beach Bum is equipped with everything the Yeller Feller has plus it has a built in tower with controls for spotting fish from up top.

The Outer Banks is the Rockfish(Striped Bass) capital of North Carolina.  We can fish for Rockfish(Striped Bass) along the bridges of the sounds pretty much year round.  There are multiple bridges within short range available to fish. The fish along these bridges range anywhere from a pound to ten pounds. A five pound Rockfish at this location is considered a nice one and a ten pounder is considered a monster.  Redfish(Puppy Drum) up to 36 inches are found in the waters near Oregon Inlet.  They fight even harder than the Rockfish.  We target them almost year round and fish for them with the same tackle.  We also fish the many marshes, channels, sloughs, and bridges located around Oregon Inlet and Roanoke Island.  These waters are most productive from early April through the end of October.  You never know what you are going to pull in next in these waters. 

Rockfish(Striped Bass), Speckled or Gray Trout(Weakfish), Flounder, Redfish(Puppy Drum), Bluefish, Black Drum, Spanish Mackeral, Sheepshead, and Tautog can all be landed on the Outer Banks.  Cobia, Amberjack, & King Mackeral are available in the ocean throughout the summer.  One of the best times of the year to fish the Outer Banks/Virginia Beach is during the fall and early winter through the early Spring when the big Rockfish(Striped Bass) and the Jumbo Blue Fish migrate through town.  If you hook into one of these fish, hang on.  We fish the Bonner Bridge(Oregon Inlet Bridge) and the shoals of Oregon Inlet into December for the Rockfish(Stripers).  Sometime in December, we shift into the near coastal, Atlantic Ocean, waters for the Rockfish(Stripers) and Bluefish.  A 20 pound Rockfish is considered average during this time of the year.  Do not let the cold northern weather scare you off during this time of the year.  It is usually at least 10 degrees warmer down here than it is wherever you are.

What you need to do is phone, or E-Mail if you want to book a trip.  We will let you know what is biting while you will be in town and we will also let you know if the weather is not going to cooperate with your plans.  We supply all the tackle you will need.  You supply your own food and drinks.  There is a cooler built into the boat that you can transfer your food and drinks into, but bring a cooler if you want to bring fish home.  We suggest you bring shoes you do not mind getting dirty because the bottom of the boat can get a little messy from all the fish you will be catching.  If you book a trip during the late fall , winter, or early spring, dress accordingly.  Overdress to stay warm.  You can always peel off your layers.  We will fish in the rain if you will.  The fish do not care, they live in the water.  Bring rain gear if you do not want to miss a trip due to the wet stuff.  We also have plenty of secret spots we can take you to if the wind is not cooperating and you would rather fish than not. We offer year round, morning, afternoon/evening, or full day trips.

If you are not an experienced fisher person, don't worry we will take care of that.  All you need to do is prepare to catch fish and have fun.

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