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Oregon Inlet/Pamlico, Roanoke, Croatan, Albemarle, & Currituck Sounds, Atlantic Ocean Area(O.B.X. N.C.)
You can view my 2017/2018 SCHEDULE below the current fishing report for open days over the next year. 
I am currently OPEN over the next month on
4/30, 5/1, 5/2, 5/3, 5/4(PM), 5/5, 5/6, 5/7, 5/8(PM), 5/9, 5/10, 5/11,
5/12(AM), 5/13, 5/14, 5/15, 5/16, 5/17, 5/18, 5/19, 5/20, 5/21, 5/23, 5/24, 5/25
(AM), 5/26(PM), 5/27(PM), 5/28, 5/30, 5/31

There have been some Red Drum landed both around Oregon Inlet and up the sound over the past week.  Once we warm up for good, we should start really catching them.  There have also been some big Bluefish sightings and a handful of Speckled Trout that have been caught.  Stripers have been the best bet for quantity so far.  Most of them have been short.  4/23/18-We gave the Red Drum a real good try first this afternoon.  Struck out on them.  Stripers were biting(PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) when we got to their domicile.  We landed 12 of them casting jigs up to 17&3/4 inches4/21/18-We landed 11 Stripers today casting jigs up to 16&1/2 inches(PHOTO).   4/6-4/20/18-Lousy fishing the past couple of weeks.  Went out a couple of times for few hours.  Catfish & Stingrays.  4/5/18-Well, initially the Stripers cooperated(PHOTO) today.  We had landed four and missed a few to start things off.  Then the wind shifted and that was it.  We never hooked another.  We gave the Catfish a shot before coming in and only managed one of them.  Great effort by the crew.  Not such a great effort by the fish.  Saw a real nice Red Drum, a healthy Striper and a fat Flounder that a gill netter brought in after I pulled the boat out.  The fish are moving in and will start biting our hooks with warmer waters.  Hopefully the "Global Cooling" will be out of here sooner than later.  4/3/18-The Stripers did not cooperate today, so we changed our game plan and went Catfishing.  This young man(PHOTO) wore them out!  After about a dozen we headed with supper(PHOTO).  These fish are hard to clean, but very tasty.  4/1/18-Got out on the water for a couple of hours this afternoon with Henry.  There are some fish around as we did catch a few(PHOTO) (PHOTO)3/31/18-Will be fishing this week.  Water temperatures will finally be where we need them to be to catch some fish.  3/16/18-Been to cold and windy to mess with it over the past couple of weeks.  As soon as things warm back up, we should be at it from that day forward.  2/24/18-B-to-the-I-to-the-N-to-the-G-to-the-O(PHOTO)!  We tried it for a couple of hours this afternoon.  We landed (3) up to 21 inches in the sound.  This is good.  Hopefully the warm weather continues.  2/22/18-The warmer weather that we have been having has gotten some Puppy Drum and Stripers to move in and start biting a bit.  Time to come out of hibernation.  12/5/17-Finally back at it this morning.  We picked at them at the bridge first thing.  Then we picked at a couple more around the corner at the honey hole.  All of them were just short with the exception of one keeper.  We then voted and made the decision to make the wide loop into the Albemarle Sound.  Thirty minutes later, the wide was loop was not going so well.  We voted again and going back to the bridge won.  We took a different path back and a beautiful thing happened.  Bob spotted them.  Da Birds!  Mary(PHOTO) took care of business from there.  We caught them good until it stated raining and they disappeared.  Wish we had taken the go home loop on the way.  Will do that next time.  Anyway, the fish are there.  You cannot catch them if you don't go.  I want to go!  11/25/17-Great fishing today.  Plenty of fish in the morning(PHOTO).  Plenty the the afternoon(PHOTO).  When we left, it was on.  They were chewing.  The Yellow boat-YELLER FELLER(PHOTO) is docked at the foot of the bridge where the old Manns Harbor Marina Motel used to be.  No long boat ride as it is less than a minute to the fish. C'mon!  11/24/17-We had "Studs" in the morning(PHOTO).  The afternoon fishing was slower.  Had I not been so stubborn("They are going to start biting here. Bla, bla, bla..."), we would have caught a lot more fish.  We had gotten a call about a bite and the captain waited too long to make the move(sorry guys).  Once we got there the crew(PHOTO) took care of business.  11/22/17-The fish were a lot nicer(PHOTO) to us this morning than they were yesterday afternoon.  How about a couple of bigguns...  Bazam(PHOTO)!!!!    11/21/17-The fish made us wait until really late before they started biting this afternoon.  We finally scrapped out a catch(PHOTO) before it got too dark to see.  11/20/17-The crew(PHOTO) from Fat Crabs Rib Company in Corolla, would not be denied.  The fish made us work for every bite we got.  But, when it was all over with we ended up being INTHEMEAT.COM.   11/18/17-The Ingram boys(PHOTO) from Vienna/Richmond, Virginia opened up a can this morning on the fish.  We had 8 fat keeper Rockfish(Striped Bass) up to 25 inches on the boat by eight o'clock.  We left them biting at 10:30.  If you are in town(or could be in town), the weather forecast looks great Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and I am still open.  It would be a shame to miss out on this great fishing!  11/15/17-Everybody got a good one this afternoon(PHOTO)11/12/17-They're back!  Went on a late afternoon relocation recon mission with Henry and his buddy Payton.  Success(PHOTO)!  We found a sweet spot that we pounded until dark.  These fish(PHOTO) should hopefully camp out for at least the rest of the month.  C'mon!  11/8/17-The Rockfish(Striped Bass) have given us the pink slip the past couple of times we have been out.  Apologies go out to those that had to suffer though hunting for them on the recent days that we did not get them.  They will be back.  We should have targeted Speckled Trout and Red Drum on those days as the boats that fished for them had better luck.  We shifted gears and targeted Red Drum today.  They were there(PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) along with a bonus Shark(PHOTO) (PHOTO)11/1/2017-Yes, I am still in the fishing business and business has been good!  I do not know if it could be better.  We caught them until we ran out of bait on Saturday(PHOTO).  It was back on again Friday morning(PHOTO) (PHOTO)!  Thursday afternoon we finally crashed and burned.  We only landed two fish.  This was bound to happen as it had not in what seems like forever.  It started slow on Wednesday, but we ended up wearing them out (PHOTO).  We had to work for it on the 23rd, but we got them(PHOTO).  Saturday the 21st the fish lost(PHOTO).  Friday the 20th was a bloodbath(PHOTO) (PHOTO).  And everything before(PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)